My name’s Nick Wingfield.
I’m a designer.
Hence my imaginative business name: Nick Wingfield Design.

So what’s my USP?

Well for one thing I work from home.
So no expensive overheads.
No lavish foyer with an impressive water feature that costs a fortune to maintain.
Which means that I can afford to charge you – less.

But more importantly I’m more than just a graphic designer.
I offer a complete design service:
copywriting, photography, image manipulation, print buying, websites, animation and video production.

What that means to you is that I can handle a project at any level.

Whether it’s a precise brief that needs to follow rigid corporate guidelines.
Or a ‘back-of-a-napkin’ idea that I’m required to visualise, write the copy, provide the imagery and turn into a piece of visual communication that really hits the mark.

So that’s it.

From concept to completion
whatever you need to communicate
I can communicate it.