Project Description

297 x 180mm Brochure.   Maven Communications.   In addition to the obvious 3D modelling, even the footballer in the centre has a CGI head.   Design, 3D Modelling, Image Manipulation

A3 poster.   Careers Europe.   Eisodos.   I first created the poster in the top left. This was a relatively simple exercise because the cloud world and the man in the field were just stock shots. All I had to do was merge them together. But then the client wanted to continue the cloud theme by having a UK only poster. After much experimentation I settled on combining 17 individual cloud formations (bottom left) to create a convincing cloud Britain. For the final poster I then added dozens of dandelion florets.   Design, Image Manipulation

Oakwood Café Deli.   Before and after.   There were many things about the original shot that didn’t do the café justice: cars in the way, garish decorations on the neighbouring shop and a big reflection of a van in the café window which distracted from the subtle window vinyl signage. I fixed the latter by combining a Google Street Map view of the actual shops on the other side of the road with the original window signage graphics. One more thing: If you think the right side of the building is a little odd – there is a steep driveway on the side so it really does look like that!   Image Manipulation

Haven Holidays.   Travel brochure cover.   Final image is a composite of all 5 images shown.   Image Manipulation.

Promotional material.   Eagle+Child.   Originally I was asked to combine the two shots above and change the wording on the signpost. That resulted in the bottom left image. Then, for a Christmas promotion, I created a snowy version of the same scene (bottom right).   Image Manipulation

Invitation.   Careers Europe.   20 Years of European Co-operation Conference.   Fireworks in the shape of the European Union.   Design, Image Manipulation

A4 Magazine.   Ataxia UK.   This is a problem that I’m often faced with. A landscape shot that needs to fit into a portrait format. I could have cropped it and lost half the people but that wouldn’t have been fair. So I uprighted the shot, stretched the buildings upward and cloned the paving to extend it downward.   Image Manipulation 

A4 Magazine.   Ataxia UK.   Here is another typical problem. There’s always someone who doesn’t hear the photographer shout ‘Say cheese!’. Fortunately I was able to merge the two shots on the left to create smiles all round.   Image Manipulation

A4 Magazine.   Ataxia UK.   The magazine cover image is typically a cut out on a white background. Unfortunately not all images lend themselves to this. The picture on the left was almost perfect apart from a sliced off tree. So I re-grew the tree top.   Image Manipulation

BIRD (Brain Injury Rehabilitation & Development).   Overcoming hurdles.   I took photos of my son leaping in the garden then composited it with a stock sky and my own graphics of hurdles.   Design, Photography, Image Manipulation.

A3 poster.   Meanwood Valley Urban Farm.   Design, Image Manipulation

A4 Magazine.   Ataxia UK.   Image Manipulation

A5.   Christmas Cards.   My boys have had to suffer a lot for my art over the years. If I wasn’t transforming them into orcs and hobbits I was contorting their bodies into impossible positions – all in the name of the latest Christmas Card.   Design, Photography, Image Manipulation.