Project Description

Magazines • Booklets • Books • Brochures • Folders

A4 Magazine.   Ataxia UK.   Ataxia Magazine.   Covers.   Design, Image Manipulation. 

A4 Magazine.   Ataxia UK.   Ataxia Magazine.   Sample spreads from edition 195.   Design, Image Manipulation.

A4 Booklet.   Aspire2Work.   Design, Image Manipulation. 

210mm sq Booklet.   Westminster Children’s Society.   Annual Review.   Design, Image Manipulation. 

297 x 180mm Brochure.   Maven Communications.   Design, 3D Modelling, Image Manipulation, Photography, Copywriting. 

A4 Landscape Booklet.   Ataxia UK.   Annual Report.   Design, Image Manipulation. 

A4 Brochure.   Connexions.   Design, Image Manipulation, Photography.

A4 Booklet.   MDF. The Bipolar Organisation.   Annual Review.   Design, Image Manipulation. 

210mm sq Booklet.   ASDA.   Charity Football Tournament.   Design, Image Manipulation. 

A4 Booklet.   Ataxia UK.   Research Strategy.   Design, Image Manipulation, Photography.

A4 Book.   David Miller.   After the War came the Victory.   Design, Image Manipulation, Photography, Copywriting. 

A5 Brochure with milled edges – to emulate iPad.   Aspire2Work.   Design, Image Manipulation. 

105 x 297mm Booklet.   BIRD (Brain Injury Rehabilitation & Development).   Treating Brain Injury Shouldn’t Be Left To Chance.   Design

210mm sq Booklet.   Ataxia UK.   50: The story so far.   Design, Image Manipulation.